Powerful Cleaning with Hall’s Retail

Powerful Cleaning with Hall’s Retail, Sugar & Spice

Hall’s Retail Cleaning Products are AMAZING!

Late last year, Hubby and I moved into our brand new, freshly built home.  This meant a lot of cleaning needed to take place, as there was just building dust and dirt EVERYWHERE.  Enter Hall’s Retail – a Pietermaritzburg-based company that makes a fabulous array of cleaning products, both chemical and enzyme-based!

Before this, I had used their enzyme-based bathroom and kitchen cleaners, their micro-fresh enzyme-based cleaner and their oven cleaner (which nothing has rivaled since, it cleans ovens, braais and dirty stained pots like nothing else).

I’ve used all of the products for a decent amount of time. A few of them are now finished, while others are still going strong – either because the containers were of a bigger size, or they’re so concentrated that a little goes a long way.

I’ll do a short review of each product below for you, along with a link where you can purchase them (yep, you can buy in store OR online!), but you can also head on over to my vlog here: –

Onto the product reviews: –



Powerful Cleaning with Hall’s Retail, Sugar & Spice

Citri Gel is a concentrated jelly detergent with the most amazing fresh citrus smell.  It can be used to clean floors and walls in kitchens, bathrooms, play rooms, steam rooms and saunas, when diluted in some water.

We used this to clean the walls of the house after we’d brushed loose dust off them, and we use it even now to clean our floors.  I love how fresh my house smells after cleaning, and it leaves floors clean but not tacky.


Powerful Cleaning with Hall’s Retail, Sugar & Spice

Citri Dish is a concentrated dishwashing liquid with the same lovely orange scent.  It can be used for dishwashing, but also safe for cleaning surfaces such as concrete countertops, concrete floors, screeded floors or vinyl flooring.

We used this purely for washing dishes and I loved the fresh smell!


Powerful Cleaning with Hall’s Retail, Sugar & Spice

Bleach is known to have hundreds of uses, not only in the laundry, but also in the kitchen, the bathroom, bedroom, garage and driveway.  It kills 99,9% of germs, and helps to exterminate mildew spores as well as remove stains.

We’ve used this to soak (diluted) white cleaning clothes to both disinfect and clean them, but I’ve also used it for white towels as well as cleaning countertops.


Powerful Cleaning with Hall’s Retail, Sugar & Spice

Steri Fresh is a pine-scented 2-in-1 surface sterilizer and deodorizer.  It’s a general surface and countertop cleaner, but is safe for use on concrete floors and countertops, vinyl flooring and screeded flooring.

I love that it smells so fresh and clean, and have used it to clean floors as well as soak (diluted) clothes used for cleaning bathrooms in, to ensure they’re super clean.  I often soak all of my cleaning cloths in a diluted solution of this before washing them.


Powerful Cleaning with Hall’s Retail, Sugar & Spice

The Hall’s Retails sanitiser is made up of 70% alcohol, and can be used for both hands and surfaces.

I enjoyed this sanitiser and would repurchase, as my hands feel super clean after using it, but they aren’t left tacky and there’s no residue.


Powerful Cleaning with Hall’s Retail, Sugar & Spice

I loved the cleaning cloth, and have a whole selection of micro fibre cleaning cloths now for use around the house (yes, they’re colour-coded, don’t judge me)!

The gloves were a little large for my hands, but withstood a weekend of intense cleaning and even using meths to clean the windows.


Powerful Cleaning with Hall’s Retail, Sugar & Spice

Micro Fresh is a bio-enzyme cleaner.  It’s used for eliminating odours and cleaning surfaces.  The enzymes break down and digest organic waste such as fat, blood, vomit or urine – so fab if you have pets or for surface use in your kitchen or garage.  It’s also septic tank compatible.  It can be used for cleaning upholstery, carpets, concrete countertops and floors, vinyl flooring or screeded flooring.

We’ve used it for cleaning fabric furniture and hard surfaces, and it does the job like a bomb!


Powerful Cleaning with Hall’s Retail, Sugar & Spice

Biogobbler Kitchen Cleaner is eco friendly, enzyme based and septic tank compatible.  It targets and breaks down proteins, starches, fats, oils and greases that build up in your kitchen on countertops and appliances.

This is our second bottle and when it’s finished I’d love to repurchase!  It does an amazing job, you simply spray where you need to clean, leave it for a few minutes and then go back and wipe down.


Powerful Cleaning with Hall’s Retail, Sugar & Spice

Like the Kitchen Cleaner, this Biogobbler Bathroom Cleaner is eco friendly, enzyme based and septic tank compatible.  It penetrates deep into cracks, crevices and pores of surfaces where germs breed.

This also smells lovely, and works like a bomb for cleaning bathroom surfaces.  You just spray it where ever you’re looking to clean, leave it for a while and then wipe down!

Would you try any of these products from Hall’s Retail?

*This post was in collaboration with Hall’s Retail – all opinions are honest and my own.


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