Nature Box – 100% Cold Pressed Beauty

Nature Box – 100% Cold Pressed Beauty, Sugar & Spice

I’m sure by now you’ve all seen the colourful newbie brand with all the claims – Nature Box.  Not only is the brand made using 100% natural cold-pressed oils, but it has a number of other claims that have put it at the top of many a beauty-junkie’s wish list!

Nature Box is a highly ethical and sustainable brand that cares most about YOU.  Their products are: –

♥ Vegan

♥ Made with 100% natural cold-pressed oil (94% of the ingredients are from natural origin)

♥ Free from silicones, sulfates, parabens and artificial colourants

♥ 25% of the packaging is recycled materials

Nature Box is currently on 30% off at Dischem, as it’s on promotion in their Beauty Fair – but hurry!  The Beauty Fair is only on until 13 September!

Nature Box – 100% Cold Pressed Beauty, Sugar & Spice

What I love most about Nature Box, is that they do products for hair and body!  I was very kindly gifted the Almond range – a range that provides volume for hair and gentle care for sensitive skin.  There are a few other ranges available in South Africa too: –

♥ Apricot – for soft and silky hair and skin

♥ Avocado – protects and provides deep repair for hair and skin (this is SO the next range I’d like to try!)

♥ Coconut – refreshes and moisturises hair and skin

You can find the brand in Dischem and Clicks stores, so they’re widely available, and pretty affordable at R119,99 for the shampoos and conditioners, R99,99 for the hair styling products, R69,99 for the shower gels, R99,99 for the body lotions.

Nature Box – 100% Cold Pressed Beauty, Sugar & Spice

I’m going to talk you through my thoughts on the lovely products I was sent.  Being that the range is for volume for hair, and gentle care for sensitive skin, they were quite ideal for me.  I have quite a bit of hair, but it’s very fine – so volume is always something I look for, and I don’t like products that weigh my hair down.  I also have quite sensitive skin that tends to react to overly-fragranced products.  Almond oil is also high in antioxidants and helps to protect skin and hair, and leave it glowing!

Nature Box – 100% Cold Pressed Beauty, Sugar & Spice

Nature Box Almond Shower Gel 

I absolutely adore this!  The whole range has such a lovely gentle, nutty fragrance to it – you can definitely smell it, but it’s not overpowering.  It’s a very comforting scent to me, and the fragrance in all the products I received hasn’t irritated my skin at all.

I love how this foams up softly, and gently cleanses my skin, without leaving it feeling stripped or tight.  I never climb out of the shower with that itchy feeling, desperate to slather on lotion – instead my skin feels soft and soothed.  The fragrance also lingers on my skin, which I adore!

Nature Box – 100% Cold Pressed Beauty, Sugar & Spice

Nature Box Almond Body Lotion

Honestly, this is probably my favourite product of all!  I love the fragrance – I did mention it’s gentle, but it’s definitely there, however my reactive skin hasn’t had an issue with it whatsoever – as it’s just so nutty and comforting.

This lotion is rich and creamy, absorbs beautifully and doesn’t leave a sticky, greasy layer on the skin.  Yet in the same breath, I feel like it keeps my skin hydrated all day long.  I have pretty dry skin on my body, and my skin has just soaked this up!

Nature Box – 100% Cold Pressed Beauty, Sugar & Spice

Nature Box Almond Shampoo

I’m usually really fussy when it comes to my hair products – don’t get me wrong, I’m not opposed to drugstore hair care, but it can be hard to find products that do everything you need for your hair AND don’t cost an arm and a leg.

This shampoo is a real beaut!  It claims to give you ‘weightless volume and touchable fullness’, and I can honestly say it does.  My hair hasn’t been heavy or weighed down when I’ve used it, and it feels so bouncy and full of life – yet it doesn’t leave my hair with that super squeaky-clean feeling, and it’s shiny and soft.  Fabulous if you have a sensitive scalp too.

Nature Box – 100% Cold Pressed Beauty, Sugar & Spice

Nature Box Almond Conditioner 

If you are someone who battles with hair going flat and really need that volume, yet you need something to give your hair some nourishment – this one’s for you.

I love that the conditioner feels lovely and buttery and really gives my hair that hydration that it needs.  It’s not crazy rich, so perfect for the hotter months, yet it’s been enough even now in our drier season.  The conditioner hasn’t weighed my hair down AT ALL, yet it leaves my strands silky and soft.  PLUS, it doesn’t leave that dreaded build up.

Nature Box – 100% Cold Pressed Beauty, Sugar & Spice

Nature Box Almond Insta Lift-Up Hair Spray 

When used in conjunction with the Nature Box Almond shampoo and conditioner, this styling spray does a wonderful job at creating that weightless volume for your hair.  Don’t be scared that it contains almond oil – the oiliness isn’t heavy, so you’re not going to be looking like an oil slick, but it does give a beautiful sheen to the hair as well.

What I must mention, is rather go in with smaller amounts and add more product.  I used too much the first time, and was left with hair that felt a tad crispy.  If you use a little, and add more when necessary, you’re in for movie star hair!

Nature Box – 100% Cold Pressed Beauty, Sugar & Spice

Overall thoughts

While I’ve really enjoyed all of these products, I’d most definitely repurchase them all except for the styling spray.  Not because it’s a bad product, but it’s just not something I reach for often, as I’ve never been one to use a lot of styling products for added volume (I like to use the shampoos and conditioners for this, and keep styling products to a minimum).  If that is something you’re on the hunt for, then trust me, I think you’ll love it!


Are you keen on trying any of the Nature Box products?  If so, which range?

*DISCLAIMER – while these products were sent to me in PR, my opinion is 100% my own.


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  1. Karin Van Zyl

    I have seen these around, but the range not so big at our store.. Eith just a shampoo… Or body wash.. Will def give it a try!

    1. Siobhan

      You can order online at Dischem, and then request a click and collect from your local store! Such a wonderful service!

  2. Samantha Pienaar

    Love this!

  3. Danielle Grace Franco

    Thank you so much for your honest in-depth review of Natureboxbeauty. I am so impressed with your phenomenal feedback on each product and absolutely adore working with you. Your blog is phenomenal and truly magnificent photography. So clean and fresh. It makes me want to dash to DisChem to buy the products myself.

    1. Siobhan

      Oh my goodness Danielle, thank you so much for this comment – you just made my whole day, thank you so so much! xxx

    2. Siobhan

      Thank you so much Danielle!!!! xxx

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