Glamore Cosmetics – SUGAR CHIC SPICE

Glamore Cosmetics – SUGAR CHIC SPICE, Sugar & Spice

I recently shared a bit of an unboxing of some goodies I was sent by Glamore Cosmetics on my Instagram Stories.  To be fair – I shared the 2 foundations they sent me and HINTED at what I’d be doing!

I’ll be working with Glamore over the next while, as they’ve sent me 3 gorgeous kits of 5 eye and lip goodies – all of which I’ll be creating signature looks with.  I’ve named each kit too, and you’ll be able to buy that exact kit on their site as a bundle (when you buy the bundle of all 5 products, you get it at a discounted rate).

Glamore Cosmetics stock makeup brands Hean, Miyo and Pierre Rene, and the skincare brand AA Cosmetics (I have previously used an eye cream from them, which was very nice), and all are cruelty free.

I also have a lovely 15% discount code for you – Sugar&Spice – that you can use on ANTHING on the Glamore Cosmetics site (yep, even a further 15% off those bundles).  So, you can buy some goodies as Christmas gifts AND splurge and treat yo’self to a little something in the process 😉

Glamore Cosmetics – SUGAR CHIC SPICE, Sugar & Spice


The first kit we’ll talk about I’ve named Sugar Chic Spice – it has everything you need for a classic red lip/winged liner combo.  The kit retails for R550, but is valued at R680, and contains the following products: –

The liner is soft and creamy (I was super impressed), the shadows are beautifully pigmented and the liquid lippie feels like air on the lips.  The pigment does need to be a little damp if you want to it really be showcased in all of it’s glory, and the mascara is GORGEOUS – no clumping at all.

Glamore Cosmetics – SUGAR CHIC SPICE, Sugar & Spice
Eyeshadows swatched, and pigment swatched dry at the bottom
Glamore Cosmetics – SUGAR CHIC SPICE, Sugar & Spice
Eyeliner & liquid lipstick swatched

I won’t tell you ANYMORE, as my full YouTube tutorial on the look I created will tell you everything.

Glamore Cosmetics – SUGAR CHIC SPICE, Sugar & Spice

I came up with a soft, smoked-out version of a winged liner (so much easier if you don’t have the steady hand necessary for gel or liquid liner) and a classic, chic red lip.  Something simple, but really classic and sophisticated.



What look would YOU create with this kit? 


*DISCLAIMER – this post was sponsored by Glamore Cosmetics.


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    1. Siobhan

      I love that the winged liner is easier for the peeps who can’t do a defined wing with a liner or gel.. anyone can do this!

  1. Chere

    Hi! Where do you purchase your eyeshadow shields from?

    1. Siobhan

      Hi Chere
      These were a gift from a friend who was in the UK, so you can’t get these specific ones here, but I know sites like Muse stock them, and I’m sure I’ve seen them in Dischem before! xx

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