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I am finally bringing you another currently post – all the things I’m currently loving or obsessed with!  I haven’t done one of these posts in a while, in fact my life has been so manic I’ve been battling to get any posts done.  I’m hoping that in the next couple of weeks things will calm down enough and I’ll finally get back into a good posting schedule.

In the meantime, grab yourself a cuppa and read on!


Product Find



Mixa Soothing Body Lotion with oat milk (currently on special at Clicks for R35.99 for 250ml and R47.99 for 400ml)

I saw so many other bloggers talking about this new brand to arrive in South Africa, and it piqued my curiosity.  I’m always looking for a great lotion to fix my parched skin, particularly as it’s been really dry from the endo treatment I’ve been on.

I’m luckily now off the treatment, but I so wish I’d tried this earlier!  This French pharmacy brand specialises in products for sensitive and dry skins, and it comes in a few other variants (Anti-Dryness Body Lotion with Coriander Oil, Restoring Body Lotion with Allantoin, Intense Repair Body Cream with Shea Butter and then their Cica Repair Balm with Panthenol for face, body and hands).

I initially grabbed the 250ml bottle, as I wasn’t sure if I’d like it.  Let’s just say I took just over 2 weeks before I finished it up, and I was using it twice a day most days, plus Hubs was tucking into it too.  It has such a lovely texture, absorbs super fast, and leaves skin truly feeling hydrated all day long – something a lot of brands claim, but never actually happens.

I’ve since repurchased in the 400ml bottle, and bought Hubs the Anti-Dryness lotion in the 400ml for himself.  I can’t believe how affordable the product is, and how well it actually works – totally worth the hype.




Stila Shimmer and Glow Liquid Eyeshadow in La Douce (R360 on The Beautiful Store)

I previously bought the Glitter & Glow from The Beautiful store in the shade Bronzed Bell.  It is absolutely STUNNING and so sparkly it makes my heart sing.  After some research I realised there are actually two different formulas in this range – the Glitter & Glow and the Shimmer & Glow.  The Shimmer & Glow is a super metallic and shimmery, without the chunky glitter.

The shade La Douce caught my eye, and O.M.G. I am so thrilled I bought this!  It is described as a ‘shimmering warm gold green’, but it’s the most gorgeous warm golden olive shade ever.

I really need to add more of these gorgeous products to my collection.  The staying power is amazing, they dry down with no transferring, and are more beautiful than any other liquid eyeshadows I’ve ever used.

P.S. Not only have they launched a Vivid & Vibrant collection of bright shades, as well as Glitter & Glow highlighters!!!


TV Series

Currently, Hubs and I have been addicted to two different shows on TV.

Tipping Point, which is a UK game show that is basically like a cross between Trivial Pursuit and a game arcade, where you answer questions in order to get tokens to drop into the machine and win money, as well as mystery prizes.



We’ve also been watching My Kitchen Rules Australia, and have gotten so invested!  We keep saying we should enter the next SA version of the show.  I love watching what they all come up with in the kitchens, and get so frustrated when my favourites are scored poorly.



Lusting After


Urban Decay Born To Run palette (R800)

This absolutely gorgeous palette caused quite a stir this month – it was launched in South Africa the same time that it was launched globally, a real first!

The palette contains 21 beautiful eyeshadows in different finishes, and is ideal for travelling, as you can really create every kind of look you’ll need from one product.  This, coupled with the fact that Urban Decay eyeshadows are some of the best on the market, and trust me, you’ll want to get your hands on it.

I’m totes adding this to my birthday wishlist, just for the record 😉



Currently, both of my foodie loves are from Woolworths!


Woolworths Banana Bread Rusks (R39.99)

I saw my lovely friend Loren from Minky’s mention these a while ago, and knew I had to try them.  I love banana bread, and I’m a complete rusk addict (I’ve even posted a recipe for Homemade Buttermilk Rusks).

These are absolutely moreish, and you can’t have just one.  Best eaten with a mug of piping hot tea, as the flavour of a good cuppa doesn’t overpower the banana bread taste.



Woolworths Cold Pressed Apple, Ginger and Lemon juice (R22.19)

And, in the same breath, I’ve also been trying to eat more veggies and fruit.  Purely because, one cannot live on rusks haha!

These cold pressed juices from Woolies are LOVELY.  They come in different variants, but I really like this one, and find the pack of ginger and lemon are great for getting extra vitamin C into my diet.  Each juice also states what vitamins it’s high in, which is a bonus, and there are orange, red and green juices available too, as well as juice shots with more concentrated amounts of ginger, turmeric and activated charcoal in.



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Our big trip to Cape Town

The one thing that is REALLY currently on our minds is our big trip to the Western Cape in September.  My sister-in-law is getting married in Hermanus, and we’re flying down a week early to spend some time with my little sister in Cape Town first!

We have so many great plans, and have already booked our flights and accommodation.  I can’t wait to sip on wonderful wines, visit fabulous restaurants and get a spot of shopping done.  My Hubby hasn’t been to Cape Town since he was in his teens, and I haven’t been in years, so it’s super exciting.  Plus, this is our first flight ever together which I’m super excited about.

P.S. If you have any suggestions of places that we simply cannot miss, please let me know!

YouTube/Instagram Crush


Justine Juz


This gorgeous gal is one of my little Instagram family now, and while her YouTube channel is gorgeous, with full video tutorials, her Instagram (@justinejuzmakeup) is filled with beautiful makeup looks, short videos and stunning products.

Not only that, but she’s the sweetest, most down to earth person.  Lovely both inside and out.  Go and check out her page!



That’s a wrap!  What have you been currently loving?


Beauty and Lifestyle blogger, wine addict and all-round lover of all things beautiful and sparkly!

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  1. Simone Cameron

    Oh my word…Justine is definitely so amazing and so sweet!! Love her!

    Cape Town….I love Cape Town!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Born to run palette….I WANT!

    Okay I’m leaving now….lol

    1. Siobhan

      Hahahahaha… thanks for stopping by! 😛

  2. Kerry

    I have to try some of the Mixa products – seeing them everywhere and just can’t resist anymore!
    Justine is the best.
    I am loving flowers at the moment, just want to fill my house up with them and I plan on starting a proper, adult garden soon.
    Watching the cutest show – The secret life of 4,5,6 year olds.
    Product I’m loving is my Neutrogena Hydro Boost Moisturiser
    Food – chocolate (that’s food right?)

    1. Siobhan

      They’re so affordable and have done a better job on my skin than some pricier alternatives!
      I would start a garden, but I have no skills.. literally every plant I touch dies! Hubs has even told me to please stop trying to help him with the plants hahaha..
      And chocolate is most definitely a food 😛

  3. Rachael

    Such a great post Siobhan!! I’m also craving that born to run palette so badly!

    1. Siobhan

      Thank you so much my lovely! It is such a versatile and BEAUTIFUL palette! xxx

  4. Candice

    I never watch d my kitchen rules before. I am however obsessed with masterchef Australia

    Candice |

  5. Rivania Pillay

    Loved this post! Okay so my thoughts,
    1. Loved the swatch of your Stila eyeshadow. I have tried their glitter one and it looks amazing. It stayed put all night.
    2. I am also dying over the UD palette but my bank account is refusing to coopertate with me.
    3. I have never tried the banana rusk but I love banana bread so thank you for th recommendation. The ginger, apple cold pressed from Woolies is also my fav. I have tried other flavours but I always reach for this one.
    4. I did the garden route tour last December and I looooooved CPT. I think my favourite spots were Table Mountain (shocker), Scheckter’s RAW, Simon’s Town, The Wild Fig Restuarant, Signal Hill etc….
    Hope you have a great trip!
    x Rivania | The Glam Unicorn

    1. Siobhan

      Ah I’m so glad you enjoyed the post!

      I’ve already done Table Mountain and Simon’s Town, but plan on doing lots of eating out, so keen to try those places! xxx

  6. Megan Smith

    Tipping Point sounds right up my alley! Already bought the Mixa lotion on your recommendation. And love it!

    1. Siobhan

      You’ll get so invested in it! Nick and I shout at the tv haha!
      So glad you’re enjoying the lotion xxx

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