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A few years ago, on a trip to Cape Town to visit my sister, I visited Hudsons The Burger Joint in Greenpoint.  I’m a massive fan of burgers, and at the time sweet potato fries were still a novelty side dish.  My sister raved about this burger place and we ate there one night for dinner on my visit.  I adored the food, and made a point on my next two visits to head there for a meal.

It’s been a good couple of years since then, and a branch has now opened in Umhlanga.  I was incredibly excited and one would think I’d already eaten there a handful of times but no.  I had heard a few murmurs that it was nothing compared to the Cape Town store.  So I put it off and put it off.

Until one day, when Hubs and I took a drive down to Umhlanga and were wandering around deciding where to have a bite of late lunch.  We browsed our Entertainer app to see where they had deals at various restaurants – if one can save a few bucks with a buy one get one free meal deal, why not?  Lo and behold, Hudsons Umhlanga had a 2 for 1 burger offer available.



After milling around Umhlanga village, and stopping for drinks at a few different places – 14 on Chartwell and The George (hello Standeaven Brewery On Tap Pomegranate G n T’s!) – we headed to Hudsons.  They had been closed for most of the afternoon (it was just before 3pm at this point) as they had a crew in there filming a movie of some sort.  How exciting!




Even though they had spent most of the day shut, the friendly waitress insisted that they were now open for service, and we were welcome to come in and grab a table.  We admired the vibey, unique decor of the restaurant and sat down at a booth with menus.




The menu even has some delicious sounding cocktails.  After a brief browse, we both decided on the same thing, the Gin Julep (R62).  We’re both massive Inverroche gin fans, so it was pretty much a given.  I loved the unique presentation of the cocktail too – it arrived in a tin can!  It was delicious and very refreshing.  I’d love to try the Agave Sunset (R60) and the New Fashioned (R62) too, definitely cocktails to try next time.  Hudsons also serves a good range of craft beers and regular beers, a decent range of wines and even some bubbly.  They also serve up wicked-sounding milkshakes that will make for beautiful Instagram snaps.




Once we had a cocktail in hand, it was time to decide what to eat.  Hubs and I were going with the 2 for 1 Burger Deal with our Entertainer, so we both had to order a burger.  I opted for the 250g The Cheese250g beef patty topped with tomato relish, caramelised onion and double cheddar (R79).  Hubby chose the 250g Boom Boom Burger250g beef patty topped with fresh chilli, tomato relish, cream cheese, biltong shaving and ‘bottle caps’ which are sliced, battered jalapeño rings (R88).

We also went with a side of Disco Fries (R33)fries topped with creamy peri peri and mozarella.  These were a recommendation from my sister, who insisted they were absolutely delicious.

Our food arrived super fast and was absolutely fantastic.  The Disco Fries were smothered in a mild and very creamy peri peri sauce and lots of mozzarella.  Definitely an item we’d reorder and one I’ve been craving ever since.


Disco Fries


My burger was just as delicious.  Both burgers were huge (granted we had gone with the 250g offer as opposed to the 180g) and the tomato relish they serve on their burgers is so freaking good.  I wish they bottled that stuff so you could buy it and take it home.  The patty was also cooked exactly the way I like – medium rare so nice and pink on the inside.  My burger was super cheesy and they really weren’t shy on the toppings.  I also liked how the buns were toasted, so they added that extra crunchy texture.


The Cheese burger


Hubby’s burger came with all sorts of extras – deep fried slices of jalapeño, tomato relish, cream cheese, chilli and biltong dust.  However, it seemed to lack the biltong dust he was promised.  I’m not sure if it just melted into the sauce and chilli, but he couldn’t even taste it.  Despite this, his burger was fantastic and he really enjoyed it.


The Boom Boom Burger


We liked that there was a nice variety in the menu too – you can order starters, sliders and salads, along with ribs, wings and even tacos.  The desserts also had me intrigued – there are Deep Fried Oreos with ice cream (R48) as well as an assortment of waffles.


We were actually so impressed.  The quality of the food was fantastic, the service was friendly and speedy, and they had such a great selection of drinks and foods available.  We’ll definitely be back again!



Have you eaten at any of the Hudsons The Burger Joint restaurants?  If so, which one and which meal would you recommend?

You can check out the Hudsons Umhlanga restaurant’s menu HERE.




**Disclaimer – This post was in no way sponsored.  We paid for our own meal, and used our Entertainer App to save.  All opinions are honest and my own.** 


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