TOP 5 TUESDAY – Foods I’m craving (but not allowed)!

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Welcome to the first Top 5 post of 2017, and my 100th blog post!  I realise I’ve been slack on these so far this year, but as you know I’ve been out-of-this-world busy with everything going on.

I’ve been on an eating plan with supplements, since November last year, and have already lost a nice chunk of weight.  I was in a very unhealthy eating routine, and I’ve been trying to get into a healthier lifestyle, but I really had to kick start the weight loss.  I was just feeling sluggish, gross, and my self confidence was non-existent, so it really was time to do something about it.

Then along came my surprise proposal from my amazing other half, and suddenly out of the blue, when I hadn’t even guessed I was going to be popped a pretty important question, I was planning a wedding!  I wasn’t keen on having it too quickly after the proposal, but we had one non-negotiable – it had to be a winter wedding.  It’s our absolute favourite season, and the KwaZulu Natal midlands in winter are just exquisite, and that was where we wanted to get married.  Suddenly, our wedding was either in 6 months, or 18 months, and after finding our perfect venue, we decided that if cost-wise it could work (and it could!), we’d do the wedding this year.  The manager at the venue we chose was so fantastic, and we didn’t want to run the risk of him not being there next year.

So, a slow and steady slide into a healthier lifestyle has now become a race to try and shed the amount of weight I’d ideally want to lose, and I now only have 4 months to go!

Please keep in mind, I’m not expecting to go from my currently VERY curvy state to that of a toothpick.  I don’t find that attractive, nor is it the right body shape for me.  I just want to be able to feel good about myself and comfortable in the incredible dress I’ve chosen.

With a very close friend’s wedding coming up even sooner (on the 1st April), and me being a bridesmaid, I’m not even looking at the occasional cheat meal, and I’ve entirely given up alcohol until her wedding as well.  And I LOVE my wine and my gin and tonics.

So, after this long-winded explanation, and in an attempt to somehow satisfy my cravings, I have decided to list the top 5 delicious and unhealthy things that I’ve been having the odd craving for (or the desperate urge to rush out and buy at God knows what hour of the night).

P.S. Please note, none of the images are mine.  I found them all on Pinterest, while searching for delicious recipes to save for future use! 


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Ice cream is delicious.  Regardless of the time of year.  Yes, I eat ice cream when it’s so cold that my nose turns pink.  

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Pizza.  Nothing beats a super cheesy pizza.  I love all pizza though – thin base, thick base, strange Debonairs triple base, double cheese, yummy toppings.  But nothing beats a fabulously-made plain margerita pizza, with just tomato, cheese and sometimes basil.  


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I shall state here that, despite making me sound like a raging alcoholic, I don’t like just red wine.  I like most wine.  I did a short wine course when I studied Event Management through Damelin, and I grew to appreciate wine, even if it wasn’t my favourite.  I now love white, rose and red, and know which wineries I prefer to buy from.  I do, however, LOVE trying out new wines.

I don’t like to pick favourites, but if you told me I couldn’t drink any wine but ONE for the rest of my life, I’d choose Boschendal Shiraz hands down.  It’s sublime.

4. G & T

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These gin and tonic cocktails, with honey and lemon look incredible.  There’s nothing quite like an ice cold G &T on a hot Durban day.  Or any hot day.  Or any day.  Also, if you haven’t tasted Inverroche gin, you’re doing yourself a disservice.  I love trying out craft and unique gins, and this is one of the most delicious gins I’ve tried.  They have 3 variants, Classic, Verdant and Amber, and all three are equally tasty.

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For the girly girls, you should try Musgrave Pink gin – it comes in the most beautiful of packaging, and has rose water in it.  Bliss.

P.S. Both of these incredible gins are produced in the Western Cape in South Africa!


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How gorgeous and delicious do all of these unicorn-themed goodies look? I want them ALL!

Is there anything delicious that you’re craving right now? 


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