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I love reading blogs – so much so that I’m subscribed to a large number of them, and this fills my email up with all the latest posts from my favourite bloggers (my favourite part of a morning – my first cup of coffee and some new posts to catch up on!).
I have a lot of different beauty, fashion and lifestyle blogs that I follow, but have tried (and failed) to decide on just a few favourites.  I eventually managed to break it down to 6 SA blogs and 5 overseas blogs.
I’ve included the links for each blog, so go and have a squiz – they’re all worth a good browse!
South African blogs: –
Not Another Poppie (Fantastic for skincare tips)
Pink Peonies (Luzanne takes the most gorgeous photos and does really honest reviews)
All Dolled Up (The first blog I started following – I love their reviews and suggestions, and have taken their advice so many times)
Kiss, Blush & Tell (Great for makeup suggestions)
Jane Wonder (Fantastic fashion blogger)
Vanilla Blonde (Great recipes, even for Banting followers, as well as lovely photos of Cape Town)
Overseas blogs: –
Kaushal Beauty (Most awesome makeup tutorials)
Fleur de Force (Great for makeup suggestions)
Essie Button (So hilarious, she gives great tips on makeup and skincare too)
Vivianna Does Makeup (I love Anna and Lily’s videos, both together and on their own)


Lily Pebbles (See above)


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