Welcome to Sugar & Spice, and an Empties post!

Hello there, and welcome to my little corner of the internet, Sugar & Spice!

This blog is something that I’ve been trying to get going for quite some time now, and FINALLY it’s up and running *whew*.

I figured I’d start off the blog with an empties post – I’ve been told I’m something of a product hoarder, and one of my New Year’s resolutions was to try and remedy that by working my way through my very sizeable collection of products at home.  Thanks to this, I’ve had a few products that I managed to finish, and have been keeping in a drawer at home for a time such as this!

I have quite a few products to mention so I’ll just jump right in: –

Goldwell Scalp Specialist Deep Cleansing Shampoo (R190)

Welcome to Sugar & Spice, and an Empties post!, Sugar & Spice

This clarifying shampoo uses Zinc PCA Complex and Hydro Lime Extract to effectively cleanse hair of any product build-up, oil and chlorine.  

The shampoo has a lovely, fresh citrusy scent and it really leaves your hair super clean and shiny, yet without that stripped feeling.  My hair always has more bounce and shine when I use this.  

This isn’t, however, an everyday shampoo – I use it about about once a week to remove any product build up, so this bottle lasted me a year – a little really goes a long way and it lathers up beautifully.  I’ll definitely be repurchasing this gem.

Goldwell Scalp Specialist can be purchased at any salon stocking Goldwell products.

Sorbet Sleep Rescue Dream Time body wash (R40)

Welcome to Sugar & Spice, and an Empties post!, Sugar & Spice

This shower gel contains a gorgeous blend of lavender, valerian and chamomile essential oils, to calm and relax the body and mind, and prepare it for sleep.  I used this up pretty quickly as I really loved the smell – while it didn’t help me fall asleep any faster than normal (I have terrible insomnia), it definitely made me feel very relaxed and calm.

As much as I enjoyed this body wash, I don’t think I’ll be repurchasing it soon, as I have so many other shower gels to work through at the moment.

Can be purchased at any Sorbet Salons and Clicks stores.

L’Oreal Miss Manga Mega Volume Mascara (R139)


Welcome to Sugar & Spice, and an Empties post!, Sugar & Spice

This has been one of my favourite mascaras for a while, and I loved using it at night when going out, as it really gives lashes that extra pop and volume.  The formula is thick and jet black, and the bendy wand really allows you to get into those smaller lashes and coat them without getting mascara all over your skin.  A definite repurchase.

You can find this mascara at any Clicks or Dischem stores.

Jergens BB Body Perfecting Skin Cream (purchased by my aunt in Australia, and as it was a gift, I’m not entirely sure of the price, as it isn’t available here in SA)

Welcome to Sugar & Spice, and an Empties post!, Sugar & Spice


Welcome to Sugar & Spice, and an Empties post!, Sugar & Spice

It’s so sad that this isn’t available in South Africa, and I’m constantly trying to find somewhere that may stock it here.  I heard about it from Tori on Kiss, Blush and Tell, and really wanted to try it, so asked my aunt that was coming out from Aus if she could grab me a tube.

The body cream claims to do the following with visible results after 5 days: –
1. Hydrates and smoothes
2. Brightens and illuminates
3. Evens skin tone
4. Visibly firms skin
5. Minimizes appearance of imperfections

Now, as it was a gift and something that I probably wouldn’t be able to get a hold of again for a really long time, I hadn’t consistently used it for more than a day or two at a time.  As it is, I received this back in November, and it’s taken me this long to finish it, so I really can’t comment on whether it follows through with these claims.  However, I did notice that it had a creamy but sheer BB tint to it, it smells absolutely delicious, and it soaks into your skin without leaving it feeling greasy, while evening out your skin tone much like a regular BB cream would.

If you really want to try it out, and aren’t afraid of online shopping, you can try Amazon, which I’ve used before for various other items.

The rest of my empties are all Lush products – I have a small obsession with this brand, as I love natural products, and if you’ve ever walked past a Lush store and taken a deep whiff of the amazing smell, you’ll understand.  You can purchase all of the below products online or at Lush stores.

Celestial Facial Moisturiser (R195 for 45g)

Welcome to Sugar & Spice, and an Empties post!, Sugar & Spice

This face cream is just amazing for sensitive skin.  With almond milk, vanilla absolute and Dove orchid extract, this cream calms, prevents inflammation and helps to create a barrier on your skin to stop the loss of vital moisture.

Usually, creams for sensitive skin are unscented, but the vanilla and Dove orchid extract make this one smell incredible and really luxurious.

Angels on Bare Skin fresh facial cleanser (R125 for 100g)


Welcome to Sugar & Spice, and an Empties post!, Sugar & Spice

This thick paste is made with ingredients such as ground almonds, rose absolute, lavender and chamomile blue, to create a moisturising and soothing cleanser when combined with a little water.  The ground almonds provide a gentle exfoliation, and the cleanser helps to even out skin tone, reduce skin redness and give the skin a gorgeous, healthy glow.

You take a small pinch about the size of a pea, place in the palm of your hand and mix with water to create a paste that you massage all over your face and neck.

I won’t be repurchasing this anytime soon, as I have about 4 other cleansers to finish up first.

Ocean Salt face and body scrub (R120 for 120g)

Welcome to Sugar & Spice, and an Empties post!, Sugar & Spice

This scrub smells like a zesty, coconutty cocktail that you’d drink on a tropical island getaway.  I think I just sat and sniffed it for about 5min before I actually contemplated using it!

With sea salt, coconut, avocado and lime,lemon and grapefruit, this scrub softens your skin and leaves you feeling like you’ve just had a holiday.

As much as I loved the smell of this scrub, I prefer a little MORE grit for a body scrub, and a little LESS grit for a facial scrub, so I probably won’t repurchase this again.

Mask of Magnaminty face and back pack (R115 for 125g/R215 for 315g)

Welcome to Sugar & Spice, and an Empties post!, Sugar & Spice

This face mask has ingredients such as ground aduki beans, kaolin, honey and peppermint, and smells just like mint chip ice cream!  It’s great for even sensitive skins, and helps to sort out any breakouts or dry, dull skin ASAP, which is what you need when a spot decides to make an appearance.

My jar lasted me 2 years, because I bought the large one even though I only needed it as a face mask, and I’ve used it either as a full mask or as a spot treatment, since I purchased it back in 2013.  It really is a miracle mask, and I was devastated when mine ran out, so I’ll be repurchasing it as soon as I can get down to our Lush store in Umhlanga.


Welcome to Sugar & Spice, and an Empties post!, Sugar & Spice

For those that aren’t familiar with the Lush policy – if you return 5 empty Lush pots or tubes, you can get a free fresh face mask!!!!  I’ve already done this twice (I have a problem, I know…), and I have a firm favourite, as I’ve been purchasing the fresh masks for some time.  My absolute best is the Love Lettuce mask, which is what I’m returning all of these for.


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